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1700 Series
1700 Series

Transmission Conductor Vibration Dampers Stockbridge Type – 1700 Series


  • Clamp and weights are pressed onto messenger wire without altering the physical or mechanical characteristics of the messenger wire
  • No special tools needed with breakway bolt option
  • Proven performance year after year
  • Vibrec® damper recommendation program
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Product Description

The AFL Stockbridge Damper has two natural frequency modes. These modes are commonly known as ‘flying’ and ‘wiggling’. AFL uses a specially designed 19 strand messenger wire allowing the damper to dissipate vibration, or ‘wake up’, at lower energy inputs. These two modes combined with the 19 strand messenger wire give AFL’s Stockbridge Damper the widest range of vibration coverage in the industry. Damper assemblies with catalog weights of 1706 and larger can be used at 345 kV and above.

AFL Stockbridge Damper clamp and weights are pressed onto the messenger wire, as opposed to being cast or welded. The pressing operation does not alter the physical or mechanical characteristics of the messenger wire.

With the breakaway bolt option, no special tools or torque wrench is needed. Simply tighten the bolt until the head shears off. This means proper torque has been achieved.

Comparative testing was conducted in 1993 at a private test site using AFL Stockbridge Dampers and those of two competitors. In this particular test, AFL dampers offered 40+ years of protection.

The Vibrec® damper recommendation program assists in damper requirements for transmission and distribution lines. For more information visit or contact the AFL conductor accessories technical support team at 1.800.866.7385.


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