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15950 15960 Welded Terminal Connectors
15950 15960 Welded Terminal Connectors WP2C-45-AA Welded Terminal Connectors WP2C-90-AA Welded Terminal Connectors wp2c-aa-welded-terminal-connectors WPCA-45-AA Welded Terminal Connectors WPCA-90-AA Welded Terminal Connectors WPC-AA Welded Terminal Connectors

230 kV Aluminum Welded Cable Terminal


  • Aluminum alloy
  • Pads conform to NEMA standards
  • Meets NEMA CC1 standards


  • Rated for 230 kV
  • Substation
  • Aluminum cable
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Product Description

230 kV Aluminum Welded Cable Terminal connectors are designed to be welded to aluminum cable. Pads conform to NEMA standards.

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