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A-Frame Assemblies

500 kV Aluminum Welded A-Frame Connectors


  • Aluminum alloy
  • External bus pipe fit for SCH 40 and SCH 80 bus pipe


  • Rated for 500 kV and below
  • Substation
  • Aluminum bus pipe

Product Description

AFL can supply prefabricated A-frame assemblies ready for field mounting and welding.
Assemblies are factory fabricated from standard A-frame fittings and pipe carefully welded and inspected to insure accuracy and best performance.

A-frame fittings are designed to make fast, reliable A-frame assemblies. Fittings are designed to be welded on the outside of the pipe allowing use of both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipe. Socket design allows for slight inaccuracies in field cut length of pipe.

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