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Bronze Elbows Tee and Vee Connectors


Expansion coupler is designed to connect bus pipe and compensate for expansion and contraction in bus runs.
A cross connector used to join two branches to a tubular bus main or to provide a junction for four independent tubular buses. This cross connector Can be made to accommodate various sizes of conductors.
A clamp-type elbow used to connect standard pipe size tubular buses at an angle to each other. Conductor bearing areas are accurately machine finished with a special surface to provide good electrical contact and high pull-out strength.
Suspension-type bus support clamps used to mount tubular bus to the underside of suspension insulators. Type PSK is provided with a clevis yoke for connecting bus support to an insulator clevis eye. Type PSKS is provided with a ball socket for connecting bus support to an insulator ball eye.
230 kV Bronze Bolted Bus Pipe Tee Connectors are designed to make a tee connection in bus construction. Connector can be used on Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipe.
A-frame connectors are designed to make fast, reliable A-frame assemblies. Connectors can be used on Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 pipe.
A variable tap bus pipe to cable tee connector. Cable clamping section is provided with independently acting bronze saddles.
Tee connectors are designed for use with stranded copper conductors. Tee connectors feature universal grooves to accept a wide range of conductor sizes.