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Bronze Grounding Connectors and Everdur Hardware


All Dossert® ground clamps are made of a bronze alloy and are equipped with silicon bronze bolts.
A ground clamp used for connecting a cable to a rod or pipe in a parallel or right angle position. Each position will accommodate a wide range of cable sizes. Whole clamp is highly corrosion resistant.
A ground clamp used for grounding a cable or wire to a flat bar, plate or flat structural steel member.
A versatile service tap connector which takes a wide range of cable sizes. Used for mounting on switch pads, current transformer terminals and miscellaneous flat bus conductors.
A variable-type distribution tap used to make parallel taps and cross connections. Each connector accommodates a range of cable sizes in each position.
Cable connector used to clamp two cable conductors in parallel.
Designed to de-energize cable for maintenance.
Ground connectors are designed to ground copper pipe.
Bronze Bolted Transformer Connectors
Everdur hardware is resistant to corrosion and nonmagnetic properties making them extremely useful in electrical work.