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Bronze Stud Connectors


An expansion stud connector used to join a tubular bus to a threaded or unthreaded, transformer or terminal, stud. The movements of the conductors caused by thermal expansion and contraction or settling foundations are efficiently absorbed by the flexible braided linkages.
A single connector used to connect one or more flat bars to a threaded or plain stud. It can be furnished to accommodate stud diameters or threads per inch other than listed.
A connector used to join a tubular bus conductor to a threaded stud. The stud end can be threaded to any specified number of threads per inch or bored for an unthreaded stud.
Stud connector is designed for use on aluminum studs. The cable connector features a universal groove which allows a range of copper conductor for each size.
Contact nuts are used to clamp flat bus bars or terminal pads to threaded studs. For greater contact surface, flange nuts (Type NF) provide additional contact area. Contact nuts are designed to conduct the full rated load of the stud. Large face areas offer a high electrical contact efficiency. All nuts are machined to a high percent, full thread to effect maximum thread bearing area.