• Aluminum Rectangular Bar


      • Only one-third the weight of copper
      • Highly corrosion resistant
      • Dissipates heat rapidly and evenly
      • Very strong yet lightweight
      • Easy to fabricate
      • Conducts equilent loads of eletric power with one-half as much material weight as copper


    • 6061-T6 alloy used in high strength applications
    • 6063-T6 alloy used in higher current carrying applications
    • Indoor or outdoor use


Rectangular shapes are the all-purpose rigid conductor for switchgear, control apparatus and busways. The use of multiple bar bus can provide a large surface area for heat dissipation. Joints and taps are easily made by bolting or welding; it is also easy to make off-sets and 90-degree bends.

For direct current, the capacity of a rectangular bar bus conductor can be controlled by varying the size or number of bars in parallel. The same is true of alternating current up to certain limits. Special arrangements of laminations are used for high-amperage alternating current.

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