• Aluminum Seamless Bus Tube


      • Only one-third the weight of copper
      • Highly corrosion resistant
      • Dissipates heat rapidly and evenly
      • Very strong yet lightweight
      • Easy to fabricate
      • Conducts equivalent loads of electric power with one-half as much material weight as copper


    • 6061-T6 alloy used in high strength applications
    • 6063-T6 alloy used in higher current carrying applications
    • Indoor or outdoor use


Seamless bus tube is a round, hollow material manufactured to a specific outside diameter (O.D.) and wall thickness. It is produced to meet specific end user requirements. Tubing is described by the actual outside diameter and wall thickness, i.e. 8” O.D. x 0.500” wall aluminum tubing.

Outdoor tubular bus is generally made of 6063-T6 alloy because of its excellent mechanical and electrical properties and is readily available. The 6061-T6 tubular conductor is used where very high strength and lower conductivity is required.

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