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FNP Fusible Network Protector Terminal


  • Network Underground
  • Copper cable

Product Description

A limiter stud connecting terminal for joining four 500 MCM cables to network protector. These terminals are furnished to the network protector. These terminals are furnished to the network protector manufacturer who must install them in the final stages of the network protector assembly. Each connecting leg of the FNP provides a cable with an independent limiter protecting element. The molded insulating cover insulates the entire assembly and as well as provides a sealing gasket for each outlet position on the network protector. All cable sockets are sealed on the closed end to enable use of either rubber or oil-filled paper insulated cable and cable connections are quickly made with standard compression tools. Rubber sleeves, if requested, can be readily supplied over cable sockets to protect them in shipping. The rubber sleeves link sockets A-C and B-D and form a seal on the molded casing.

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