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Radio Frequency Interference Filter (RFI)


  • Suppresses RF interference across AM, FM, CB, VHF, TV, Amateur and UHF band
  • Maximum suppression occurs in the AM band
  • Bypasses unwanted RF energy to earth ground
  • Excellent balance between tip and ring
  • Eliminates all common mode and differential mode RF interference
  • Designed for use in outdoor or indoor Network Interface Devices at the customer premise
  • Transparent to normal loop signaling and test voltages

Product Description

The Radio Frequency Interference Filter (RFI-P) is customer premise installed inside the Station Network Interface. It is designed to block unwanted RF energy as well as bypass RF energy to earth ground, while remaining transparent to normal loop signaling and test voltages.

Using the earth ground connection, this filter acts like a drain: providing a path to ground for the RF energy to bleed off the phone line from both the network and customer side of the network interface. It effectively eliminates all common mode and differential mode RF interference induced on the phone line in the vicinity of the RFI-P filter.

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