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Complete line of optical connectivity products for your network needs

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Better links keep AFL customers connected

AFL’s Inside Plant solutions connect your network to years of engineering and application-based research in optical termination and fiber management. From our high-volume connectivity lines through our innovative niche solutions we build products that answer the challenges of your business and your network.

Cable Assemblies

AFL provides a complete line of fiber optic cable assemblies, each specifically designed to link equipment together. These assemblies have been used in multiple applications, including building interconnections on college campuses, as trunking lines to telecom closets and as links between patch panels and communications closets. Fiber optic cable assemblies are available in simplex, duplex, quad and trunk configurations.

Field Installable Connectors

Field installable connectors are used to quickly and efficiently terminate fiber cable to custom lengths in the field. Our FASTConnect® series of products are compact and require no tools. The more robust FUSEConnect® series and Field Master® series are also available.
Field installable connectors are used to quickly and efficiently terminate fiber cable to custom lengths in the field.   AFL has rapidly advanced field installable connector technology in recent years, and now offers three unique field installable connector solutions:
  • Field Master® anaerobic connectors enable the skilled technician to reliably and repeatedly terminate optical fibers in the field, using this tried and true technology.
  • FASTConnect offers some of the fastest terminations in the industry. These are mechanical, true no epoxy / no polish (NENP) connectors that do not require a crimp or a tool for installation.
  • FUSEConnect is installed using a fusion splicer and bring factory quality, reliability, performance and repeatability in optical termination to the field.

Rack-mounted Patch Panels

Rack-mounted interconnection panels are used within a rack system to manage connections. AFL offers the LANSystem™ (LS series), the Xpress Fiber Management® series (XFM) and the newly introduced Xpress Fiber Management High Density series (XFM®-HD).
Rack-mounted interconnect panels house optical connections are quite often the primary point of flexibility in an optical network. AFL manufactures three product families to address varying density requirements in rack-based installations:
  • LS series products embody the traditional patch panel product family, and also facilitate fusion splicing.
  • Xpress Fiber Management (XFM) products are an enhanced version of the LS series, offering additional depth and routing features to manage higher densities.
  • Xpress Fiber Management High Density (XFM-HD) are the ultimate in rack-mounted, high-density fiber management, efficiently managing up to 576 fibers in a 4RU space.

Indoor Wall-mounted Patch Panels

AFL’s complete line of wall-mounted interconnect panels provide a convenient location for connection and splicing for co-location sites, customer premises, hub/OTN sites, telecom closets and campus/enterprise environments.

Passive Optical Components

Passive optical components significantly reduce costs in the network by eliminating the need to power and service active components. They also expand the capacity of the existing fiber network. AFL’s components include RFoG WDM, CDWM, DWDM, optical splitters and optical couplers.
AFL is a world leader in manufacturing of terminated optical product, and more importantly, our team of engineers and technicians provide you with real-world, hands-on experience to build products that answer the challenges of your business and your network.