Field Installable Connectors


A field installable factory pre-polished connector that utilizes the proven technology of mechanical splices to provide customizable connectivity solutions.
FUSEConnect fusion-spliced, field-installable connectors utilize a factory pre-polished ferrule which eliminates the need for polishing, adhesives, and crimping in the field.
FUSEConnect fusion-spliced connectors that provide a field installable solution for MPO terminations.
The FASTConnect® Tool Kit includes all tools necessary to professionally install FASTConnect mechanical connectors.
The FUSEConnect Tool Kit and Accessories include all the necessary tools to professionally install FUSEConnect single-fiber splice-on connectors aside from a fusion splicer and cleaver.
Anaerobic field installable connectors that extend the end user capability to insert fiber, epoxy, and polish connectors.
The Field Master® Tool Kit includes tools and consumables to professionally install Field Master connectors. Crimp Tool sold separately.
Crimp tool designed for use with Field Master® connectors. Sold separately from Field Master Tool Kit.
The Poli-MOD® is a unique Patch and Splice Module that can accommodate up to 24 fiber interconnections in an industry-standard LGX® 118 footprint.