Xpress Fiber Management®-High Density (XFM®-HD) Patch Panels


XFM-HD® trunk cable assemblies consist of sub-unitized MicroCore® fiber optic cable in 12-144 fiber counts. The reduced diameter offers higher tolerance to bends during and after installation; requires less space in cable trays, raceways, ducts and conduits; and enables more efficient airflow in congested, high density cabling applications.
XFM®-HD High Density Patch Panels deliver unsurpassed density and fiber management to high-performance, high density networks. An innovative, integrated cable management design provides end users with complete organization and control of entering and exiting fibers while requiring virtually no external cable management, all while providing near 100% rack space utilization.
Xpress Fiber Management® High-Density (XFM-HD®) Optical Cassettes can be installed into XFM-HD panels from the front or rear and mount independently on an integral card guide rail system. A self-contained fiber manager is incorporated into each cassette ensuring that cables are organized regardless of fiber exit direction.
XFM-HD® patch cords are assembled with AFL’s Micro-Dual cable. Terminated with a field-reversible LC Uniboot connector, the round cable design minimizes the front-side cabling footprint and reduces the impact on airflow up, down and between racks.