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AccessWrap easy to install
AccessWrap easy to install AccessWrap for diifficult terrains AccessWrap lightweight equipment for distribution lines AccessWrap quick low impact installations



  • Utilise existing power line infrastructure to minimise capital investment
  • Alleviate problems of land access and areas of difficult terrain
  • Significantly reduce cost of excavation and trenching
  • Extend fibre networks to remote LTE equipment in the roll out of mobile 4G
  • Connectivity where terrain and line of sight issues make wireless less reliable
  • Extend customer reach for FTTx applications particularly in rural and remote areas.
  • Integration as part of Smart Metering technology
  • Reduce capital costs for subscriber based fibre networks
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Installation equipment weight and size is specially designed for installation on short span, compact conductors of 10kV to 50kV


  • Telecommunications
  • Broadband
  • Smartgrid
  • GSM
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Product Description

AccessWrap provides a quick, cost effective and sustainable solution for fiber deployment on the distribution section of power lines.

Based on proven SkyWrap® technology, cable is wrapped around the existing overhead powerline infrastructure with minimal disruption to service and no modification requirements to structures. The cable can be wrapped on phase conductors of up to 50kV and is designed to withstand the aggressive environments of aerial applications in any climate.

AFL provides a complete solution to include line survey, cable, hardware and machine supply, project and installation management as well as warranty and maintenance services.

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