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CPR - Construction Products Regulation

AFL Construction Products Regulation (CPR) rated data center cables offer a broad range of options to ensure compliance in a number of EU countries. Ratings as high as B2ca support a multitude of applications and locations. CPR certification applies to all cables which are permanently incorporated in a building or construction works. The supplied cable will have a CE label on the drum flange, on the box or in the packaging. This label identifies the Declaration of Performance (DoP) number (reaction to fire), unique product name, manufacturer, NANDO Lab number and “reaction to fire” classification. Every cable design is tested for “reaction to fire” unless there are “extended application” (EXAP) rules set up in TS 50576.


AFL Ruggedized MicroCore (CPR) is the next generation of maximizing fiber density in AFL’s line of high density data center cables. Ruggedized MicroCore an industry leading alternative to a traditional inside plant central loose tube ribbon cable.
AFL Sub-unitized MicroCore 2.0 Base-12 (CPR) fiber cables continue to push evolution of high performance premise cabling.
AFL Sub-unitized MicroCore 2.0 Base-8 cables continue to push evolution of high performance premise cabling.
AFL's Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore 3.0 Base-12 cables represent the foundation for AFLs MicroCore portfolio, designs are available up to 144 fibers.
The third generation of AFL's Sub-Unitized Premise MicroCore fiber optic cable with CPR is another astounding evolution of high performance premise cabling.