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Variations and Design Considerations of Traditional Downhole Fiber Optic Cable for Oil and Gas Applications
Specification Sheet
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Hybrid Downhole Cable


  • Up to 150°C
  • Incorporates insulated 18AWG copper conductor
  • Loose tube design for optical fibers
  • Hydrogen scavenging gel
  • Customized to customer specifications


  • Well applications
  • High pressure environments
  • Environments with elevated temperatures
  • Corrosive environments

Product Description

Hybrid Downhole cable from AFL combines copper conductor and optical fibers within the same cable structure for simultaneous deployment. This construction is intended to withstand elevated temperatures, high pressure and corrosive environments. The cable may be customized to the customer’s specifications in order to balance performance capability with cost considerations. This design is targeted toward well applications than have operating temperatures ≤ 150°C.

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