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Variations and Design Considerations of Traditional Downhole Fiber Optic Cable for Oil and Gas Applications
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Low Profile Downhole Cable
Low Profile Downhole Cable

Low Profile Downhole Cable


  • Small diameter
  • Low weight
  • Redundant hermetic seal
  • High Stength
  • High pressure rating
  • Patent pending


  • oil wells
  • gas wells
  • coiled tubing

Product Description

AFL's Low Profile Downhole Cable was specifically designed for land-based wells where economics of sensing are challenging.  This cable, by its design, is lower cost than what is typically used for downhole sensing.  Added benefits, due to its smaller size and weight, are lower shipping costs from factory to the user and then from the user to the well site.  The unit to payoff the cable at the well can also be smaller, further reducing the cost of deployment.  AFL's Low Profile Downhole cable can be customized with a variety of alloys and outer encapsulations to meet your needs.  This cable is well suited for CT or coiled tubing applications due to its size and strength.  In addition, with its size and wall thickness, it exceeds the pressure ratings of most applications. 

AFL's unique offering for shallow, land-based wells provides the best combination of ruggedness and size for the price.  

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