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Variations and Design Considerations of Traditional Downhole Fiber Optic Cable for Oil and Gas Applications
Specification Sheet
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MiniBend® for Downhole Double-Ended Systems & Optical Connectivity


  • Elegant, low profile solution for achieving downhole fiber optic double-ended system
  • Provides low-loss sub-millimeter bends for miniaturizing fiber components and circuits
  • No stress with the small bend radii
  • Bi-directional
  • Mechanically and environmentally robust
  • Small and protective package


  • Downhole fiber optic turnaround
  • Fiber management systems
  • Modulators, splitters, circulators, connectors, and polarizers
  • Circuit boards and back planes
  • Compact test instrumentation and sensors

Product Description

The MiniBend® miniature fiber optic component employs a revolutionary technology that will change the way you plan and engineer the fiber management in your oil or gas well. This patented technology allows for a single strand of multimode fiber to be formed at a 180º bend with a 1mm fiber bend diameter, saving valuable real estate.

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