• StrataJac Downhole Cable Encapsulation


    • Highly Abrasion and Impact Resistant
    • Cable for use in severe chemical environments containing H2S, CO2, Methane, Oil, Diesel, Gasoline, Toluene, and other organic solvents
    • Wide operating temperature range from -40˚ C to 150˚ C
    • Easy to strip using commercially available encapsulation strippers.


Cables installed in oil and gas wells are exposed to severe mechanical and chemical conditions. Cable damage during run-in and subsequent completion processes such as hydraulic fracturing can lead to premature cable failures. StrataJac™ is the first cable encapsulation designed exclusively to protect downhole cables by resisting the extreme impact energies and abrasion encountered during run-in, and high pressure, high velocity frac’ jobs. Abrasion testing has demonstrated a three-fold increase in the amount of time required to breach StrataJac when compared to other commercially available encapsulations. Furthermore, cable impact strength is significantly enhanced when encapsulated with StrataJac. These combined properties make StrataJac ideal for preserving and extending the life of fiber optic cables, TEC cables, and chemical injection lines used in critical downhole applications.

Physical Properties

11 76.7 Round
12.7 115 Round



StrataJac Downhole Fiber Cable Encapsulation Specifications

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