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AFL’s Industrial Loose Tube Cables are designed for high reliability in heavy industrial and harsh environment applications. Featuring a formed metallic armor, the cable offers superior crush resistance and a high degree of flexibility. Flame retardant and wrapped in a UV stabilized LSZH jacket, this series is highly resistant to common industrial environment chemicals. With an OFCG-LS listing, the cable is suitable for both indoor and outdoor industrial installations.
The AFL family of FAA-compliant fiber optic loose tube cables is specifically designed for airport and related installations that must comply with meet U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.
Consisting of thermoset (XLPO) jacket, AFL's LX-series of low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) loose tube cables are specifically designed for harsh environments.
AFL Tactical Tight Buffered fiber optic cables are ideal for use in installations where extreme environmental conditions are present and require a solution that may be retrieved for later use.
Consisting of thermoset (XLPO) jacket, AFL’s LX-series of low-smoke zero-halogen (LSZH) loose tube cables are specifically designed for harsh environments. Ideal for indoor and outdoor industrial applications, the design includes dry-core water blocking system, SZ-stranded core for easy mid-span access to fibers and a highly chemical resistant, cross-linked UV-resistant outer jacket. For even greater mechanical robustness, a corrugated steel armor version is available.
AFL's High Strength Steel Wire (HSSW) Armored Fiber Optic cable provides the reliability needed for network backbones in harsh environment conditions.
The LA-Series is specially designed for applications that demand reliable performance in harsh environment installations. The cable construction incorporates a variety of packaging technologies that allow the product to operate in extremely low temperatures, mechanically abusive installations and highly caustic and acidic environments. The key to the reliable, ultra-high performance is the specially designed cable core and the dual layer jacketing system.
The LA-Series fiber optic cable is design to operate reliably at temperatures as low as -50C and up to +70C. The optical fibers high protected in gel-filled tubes and surrounded with a jacketing system comprised of two layers of highly flame and chemically resistant low-toxicity (LSZH) polyments and a high impenetrable aramid yarn matrix. The cable line meets IEEE 383, CSA FT4 and NEC/NFPA OFNG-LS performance standards.
AFL LL-Series Gel-Free fiber optic cables are optimized for use in traditional network communication infrastructure environments that require the performance of outside plant cabling and the safety of a low smoke zero halogen solutions. AFL's LL-series enhances life safety and minimizes damage to sensitive electronic equipment in the event of a fire. Additionally, this product incorporates dry water-absorption technology for user-friendly handling of fibers during routing and termination.
A non-toxic and economical bittering agent incorporated directly into AFL's Rodent Deterrent Cable Jackets reduces damage from rodent gnawing, while still offering the ruggedness expected from AFL's tactical and fiber optic cables.
AFL’s new Tactical+ fiber optic cables with StrataJac® encapsulation set a new standard for extreme environments. The Tactical+ cable combines the performance of a rugged industrial jacket compound with the reliability of a military cable design.
AFL’s Sidewinder™ Rapid Cable Deployment System allows for fast deployment and retrieval of tactical fiber optic cables used in field deployable applications. The system is made using lightweight high impact grade polymer that is non-corrosive and able to withstand extreme temperatures.
AFL's tactical breakout cables are ideal for use in harsh environment applications requiring a rugged deployable cable solution. This reduced diameter, light weight, and high strength cable features a tough abrasion resistant polyurethane jacket that offers exceptional performance through a wide range of temperatures.
AFL’s tactical copper/fiber composite cables are ruggedized and easy to use in rapid deployment networks and other applications requiring high mechanical performance standards, environmental exposure, or dynamic end use where low voltage power and high speed fiber optic communications are combined.