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Tactical Breakout Cable
Tactical Breakout Cable

Tactical Breakout Cable


  • Deployable design
  • UV, Fungus, and water resistant
  • Highly crush and impact resistant
  • 2.0 mm sub-cables available in a variety of colors
  • Available with shiny or matte low-friction jacket
  • Custom colors available
  • Available with bend insensitive SM and MM optical fiber
  • Supports all multi-gigabit Ethernet standards
  • Highly abrasion and cut resistant
  • Resistant to most fuels, oils and greases


  • Field deployment in abusive environments
  • High Traffic areas
  • Security and Sensing applications
  • Broadcast Deployments - Electronic News Gathering Applications
  • Sporting and media events
  • Temporary installation of critical communications lines where quick retrieval and re-use is necessary

Product Description

AFL’s Tactical Breakout Cables are ideal for use in harsh environment applications requiring a rugged deployable cable solution. Consisting of 2 mm sub-cables, each optical fiber is suitable for direct termination enabling fast and easy installation. This reduced diameter, light weight and high strength cable features a tough abrasion resistant polyurethane jacket that offers exceptional performance through a wide range of temperatures. It is also impervious to common chemicals found in industrial environments. Available with a flame retardant jacket option, the BU series breakout cable is ideal for use in mines, petrochemical facilities and other industrial applications.

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