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Gel-Free Extreme Low Temp LSZH Double Jacket I/O Loose Tube (LA Series Gel-Free)


  • Gel-Free buffer tubes
  • Fiber Counts up to 288
  • OFNG-LS / FT4; IEEE 1202; UL 1685; CSA 22.2 No. 230 and No. 232
  • Suitable for direct burial and tray installations per UL 1277
  • 2X Crush Resistance compared to standard fiber optic cables
  • 2X Cold Impact Resistance compared to standard fiber optic cables
  • Self-supporting capability (contact factory for system design support)


  • Network Connectivity for:
  • Oil and Gas fields
  • Low Temperature Environments
  • Refineries
  • Mining
  • Mass Transit

Product Description

The LA-Series is specially designed for applications that demand reliable performance in harsh environment installations. The cable construction incorporates a variety of packaging technologies that allow the product to operate in extremely low temperatures, mechanically abusive installations and highly caustic and acidic environments. The key to the reliable, ultra-high performance is the specially designed cable core and the dual layer jacketing system.

The cable core is constructed using materials and engineered geometry that optimizes
the isolation of the optical fibers from the stresses and strains imparted on the cable andcommonly realized in extreme environments. The outer jacketing is designed to further protect the ruggedized core assembly with a myltiplying system made up of a double-ply, low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) flame resistant jacketing system that integrates a strong layer of aramid yarn between the inner and outer sheaths.

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