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Rodent Deterrent Cable Jacket
Rodent Deterrent Cable Jacket

Rodent Deterrent Cable Jackets


  • Rodent Resistance
  • Reduction of Cable Damage
  • Safe & Economical


  • Buried or Exposed Cable Installations
  • Industrial Environments
  • Outside Broadcast Environments
  • Oil & Gas Pipelines

Product Description

A non-toxic, economical, and safe bittering agent incorporated directly into AFL's Rodent Deterrent Fiber Optic Cable Jackets reduces damage due to rodent gnawing, while still offering the ruggedness expected from AFL's tactical and OSP fiber optic cables. Ideal for environments where exposed or broken fiber links from rodents results in increased maintenance costs, reduced productivity and possibly lost revenue.  Applications include broadcast, electric utility, industrial environments, oil and gas, and transportation.

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