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Sidewinder Rapid Cable Deployment System


  • Reel made from lightweight, high-impact materials—316/304 grade stainless steel
  • Reels can be easily stacked together for storage and transportation
  • The connector at the inner end of the cable can be stored within the hub. The outer flange can store up to 5 meters of cable slack for maximum access once deployed. The outer connector of the cable assembly is stored in the adjacent opening.
  • Center hub internally lined with a foam insert and connector retention grommets for ultimate connector storage and protection
  • Reel supplied with a 1” round hole to suit the deployment stand. A 1” square hole option is also available for applications requiring simultaneous cable deployments.
  • Optional cleaning kit available to maintain the performance of the connectors and housed within the center hub.
  • A removable handle allows for quick deployment and retrieval of the cable
  • The sturdy folding stand is made from durable 304 grade stainless steel and well suited in any environment.
  • Stand accommodates both the 300 meter and 500 meter reels and features a collar to keep the reel in a single position during cable deployment
  • Stand can also be set up within the transit case to allow for easy cable deployment.


  • Mobile telecommunication systems
  • Military tactical communication systems
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Field deployable broadcast communications

Product Description

AFL’s Sidewinder™ Rapid Cable Deployment System allows for fast deployment and retrieval of tactical fiber optic cables used in field deployable applications. The system is made using lightweight high impact grade polymer that is non-corrosive and able to withstand extreme temperatures. Additionally, the reel features built-in connector storage in the center hub as well as a removable handle for fast Sidewinding action.

The unique design of the reel allows them to be stacked and locked together for transport or for field deployment. The specially engineered foam insert within the hub allows safe storage of the connectors when not in use. The reel is available in three sizes to store cables up to 1000 meters in length. The reels can also be supplied with cable stands, connector cleaning kits and military-approved transit cases.

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