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Tactical Deployable Tight Buffered Cable
Tactical Deployable Tight Buffered Cable

Tactical Tight Buffered Cable


  • Cut resistant, Flame Retardant Polyurethane outer jacket
  • Highly flexible construction allows for multiple deployments
  • All aramid strength members
  • Performance in wide temperature range
  • High impact and crush resistance
  • Durable in high traffic areas
  • Water and UV Resistant
  • Multiple Jacket Colors Available


  • Field deployment in abusive environments
  • High Traffic areas
  • Security and Sensing applications
  • Broadcast Deployments - Electronic News Gathering Applications
  • Sporting and media events
  • Temporary installation of critical communications lines where quick retrieval and re-use is necessary

Product Description

AFL Tactical Tight Buffered fiber optic cables are ideal for use in installations where extreme environmental conditions are present and require a solution that may be retrieved for later use.  Designed to be deployed and retrieved in the field, these cables are highly resistant to damage caused by repetitive impact or harsh conditions.  Broadcast deployable cables are available with optional 500μm high-performance acrylate coated Optical Fiber or standard 250μm based building blocks.  AFL will tailor a solution to meet your demanding application.

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