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OSP MicroCore® LM-Series


  • 12 up to 432 fibers
  • Robust, kink-resistant buffer tubes reduce time and handling issues associated with enclosure build-outs
  • 300lb installation tensile load rating
  • OD compatible with 10 mm to 16 mm inside diameter microducts
  • Toneable option includes a low-resistance copper wire that allows cable/pathway to be located using standard electromagnetic detector devices


  • Long-haul, middle-mile and metro-loop
  • Campus inter-building backbone distribution
  • Low-cost fiber upgrade migration strategies
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Product Description

AFL OSP MicroCore® cable series is designed for outside plant installation in microduct conduit systems. The unique, high-fiber density geometry yields a cable construction that can accommodate up to 432 fibers and can be blown into microducts ranging in inside diameters from 10 mm to 16 mm.

For example, with a 7-way 12.7 mm x 10 mm (conduit with seven microducts) in place, the system designer has the flexibility to install from 12 to 144 fibers per microduct. With this approach, only the number of fibers required for initial networking requirements need to be installed. Then as future network upgrades and expansions are required, the spare microducts can be jetted with addition OSP MicroCore cables without having to add additional pathway space.

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