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Flame-Retardant Wrapping Tube Fiber Optic Cable
Flame-Retardant Wrapping Tube Fiber Optic Cable

Flame-Retardant Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) with SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®)


  • Collapsible ribbon reduces size of cable compared to other encapsulated or pliable ribbon technologies
  • Design optimizes the fiber packing density making WTC-SWR cables the smallest ribbon cables without compromising robustness of the cable
  • Small-diameter cable allows more optical fibers to be placed into crowded or limited-space pathways
  • Small Diameter: Because of the smaller diameter, more optical fibers can be placed into crowded or limited-space pathways
  • Water-blocked Core
  • Light weight for easy handling in the field compared to traditional cables
  • Completely Gel-free for reduced time to access fiber and prep for splicing


  • Riser spaces within build structures
  • Data Center Inter-building Connections
  • Access Provider Metro Rings
  • Service Provider FTTx
  • Cable TV Subscriber Networks
  • Metro Rail Track-side Network Links
  • Suitable for Aerial Lashing, Pulled-in-duct, Air-Jetted-in-Duct
  • Campus LAN

Product Description

Flame-retardant (FR) Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) with SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR®) is a high-density fiber optic ribbon cable intended for inside plant and indoor/outdoor network applications where riser-rated products are required. The FR-WTC-SWR incorporates the leading-edge SpiderWeb Ribbon technology in a robust, flame-retardant cable package that can be used within buildings and, because of the core water-blocking feature, can also be routed outside provided the cable is housed within covered pathway spaces including duct-banks and cable trays.
The FR-WTC-SWR product set is available in LSZH, non-armored 250 μm ACE fiber (288F), 250 μm SR15E fiber (288F, 864F and 1,728F), and 200μm SR15E fiber (864F and 1728F) constructions.

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