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Double-Jacket-FAA-Compliant FAA-Compliant Loose Tube Double Jacket

LG Series: FAA-Compliant Loose Tube Cable - Double Jacket


  • Highly chemical resistant
  • All-dielectric Rodent Resistant
  • Fluoropolymer Jacket Option (PVDF)


  • Runway communication, lighting and control
  • Control tower - remote location networking
  • Inter-terminal network connections
  • Pathways exposed to corrosive solutions
  • Direct burial in suitable trenched pathways

Product Description

The AFL family of FAA-compliant fiber optic loose tube cables is specifically designed for airport and related installations that must comply with meet U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements.  AFL FAA-compliant loose tube cables incorporate a highly chemical resistant PVDF-PE jacketing system that is ideally suited for use in pathways exposed to hydrocarbon liquids, de-icing fluids, cleaning solvents, jet fuels and other outside-plant network applications that are typical at these facilities.  AFL FAA-compliant cables are available with a variety of fiber-types including:  Singlemode, multimode, bend-insensitive and hybrid (SM and MM) optical fibers.

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