White Paper: The Evolution of Optical Fiber Cable Design for Sensor Applications


AFL has a portfolio of Sensing Fiber Optic Cables that are suitable for a wide variety of applications that would monitor for temperature, strain, acoustics and pressure. With cables suitable from -200C to 700C and pressures from ambient to 50,000psi, AFL’s cables can cover the most extreme of environments. 

AFL’s cables have been used for fire detection, vibration monitoring, industrial plant temperature sensing, hydrological studies of streams, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals, turbine temperature sensing, temperature and strain of curing concrete, temperature gradients in soil, pipeline leak and intrusion detection, cable strain monitoring, building intrusion detection, steam plant temperature and strain sensing and many more. AFL will customize the cable to ensure it provides the best product at the best value to ensure your success.  

AFL's Armored Stainless Steel Fiber Optic Cables are designed for sensing and control applications where ruggedness and flexibility in a small diameter are desired.
As the inventor and owner of the technology for placing optical fibers into stainless steel tubes, AFL offers a range of tube sizes and fiber counts for a variety of applications.
AFL's Stainless Steel Sensing Cable provides a unique combination of size, robustness and strength that enables it to be the product of choice for temperature sensing applications.
AFL’s tactical copper/fiber composite cables are ruggedized and easy to use in rapid deployment networks and other applications requiring high mechanical performance standards, environmental exposure, or dynamic end use where low voltage power and high speed fiber optic communications are combined.
AFL’s new Tactical+ fiber optic cables with StrataJac® encapsulation set a new standard for extreme environments. The Tactical+ cable combines the performance of a rugged industrial jacket compound with the reliability of a military cable design.