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Next Generation of Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable

Specification Sheet
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Gel-Free Riser Non-Armored Loose Tube (LV Series Gel-Free SJ)


  • Gel-free buffer tubes reduce fiber prep termination time
  • SZ-stranded cable core for easy mid-span access of fibers
  • UV-stabilized outer jacket for long-term performance in aerial applications
  • 6 to 288 fibers allow for specific cable choices for multiple applications
  • Standards compliance: ANSI/ICEA S-104-696, UL-1666, CSA OFN FT-4 22.2


  • Enterprise networking applications
  • OSP using ducts or aerially lashing

Product Description

AFL LV-Series Gel-Free Indoor/Outdoor Single-Jacket fiber optic cables are designed for enterprise networking applications. The cable construction uses the latest in dry water-blocking and flame retardant material technologies to offer a cable fully suited for OSP applications yet allow for transitioning to inside-plant riser pathways. For OSP applications, LV Series Gel-Free can be installed in ducts or aerially lashed. The product line incorporates the latest dry water-absorption technology within the fiber-containing buffer tubes which results in user-friendly handling of fibers during routing and termination within the splice enclosures.

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