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Next Generation of Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable

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IO-Tight-Buffered-Armored-Cable IO-Tight-Buffered-CPC

Indoor/Outdoor Armored Tight Buffered Circular Premise Cable


  • Available with 2 to 72 fibers
  • Low weight jacketed, interlocking armor
  • OFCP (Plenum) and OFCR (Riser) rated jackets
  • Moisture-resistant, fungus-resistant and UV-resistant outer jacket


  • Building Interconnections (Campus LAN)
  • Inside plant and outside plant environments
  • Mining applications
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Product Description

Indoor/Outdoor Armored Tight Buffered CPC Cables incorporate two to 72 fiber count CPC cables in a jacketed, aluminum interlocking armor. Jacketed aluminum interlocking armor provides the best balance of ruggedness, flexibility and low weight.

Indoor/Outdoor Armored Distribution cables provide added protection for campus network cabling between buildings where short installation runs allow for cost savings made by utilizing tight buffered cables. Flame rated cables, both OFCP (Plenum) and OFCR (Riser) rated jackets allow these products to be deployed indoors within the premise and retain compliance to applicable flame safety standards.

For outdoor applications, the cables utilize both UV-stabilized jacketing materials with anti-fungal additives; core cables also contain water-blocking elements to prevent water migration. Products are approved for use in mining applications.

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