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Next Generation of Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable

Specification Sheet
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LV-Series: Riser-rated Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube Cable


  • OFNR Listed, Riser Rated
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations
  • 2 - 144 fiber
  • Also available with steel armor (OFCR Listed)


  • Building Interconnections (Campus LAN)
  • Trunking Lines Direct to Telecommunications Closet
  • Local Loop
  • Distance Learning
  • Distribution
  • Intrabuilding Backbones
  • MSHA Approved for Mining Applications

Product Description

Indoor/Outdoor stranded loose tube combines the robust mechanical and environmental characteristics of an outside plant cable with the flexibility of an inside plant riser cable.  By installing indoor/outdoor stranded loose tube, costly splice locations entering into a building are avoided, being routed directly from the outside plant to telecommunications closets, or main distribution frames (MDF) through the riser of a building and eliminating the "50-foot rule."  Indoor/Outdoor Stranded Design loose tube cable is moisture and U.V. resistant, S-Z stranded for easy mid-span access, listed for OFNR use per UL standards, and can be used in both duct and lashed applications.

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