• Low-Smoke Zero Halogen Premise Distribution Cable


    • 900 ?m tight buffer construction
    • Fiber counts of 4 to 24 available
    • Support either direct or indirect termination schemes
    • Mixed fiber designs available


    • Routing between communications closets and equipment rooms
    • DataCenter trunk cabling
    • LAN Distribution - Intrabuilding Backbones
    • Environments requiring Zero-Halogen safety features
    • Pre-terminated Optical Assembly


AFL’s Low-Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) distribution cable family offers all of the benefits of a traditional 900 µm based optical cable while supporting compliance to stringent international standards for Jacket Material composition and flame safety. Additionally, AFL's LSZH distribution cable design complies with UL 1666 and UL 1685 standards for OFNR-LS criteria. Circular premise cable based on 900 µm tight buffer constructions provides the performance and density demanded by today's optical network installation demands. These cable designs support either direct or indirect termination schemes while enabling efficient routing through industry-standard fiber management systems. Cable constructions support the application of industry-leading multimode fiber as well as single-mode solutions. Both fiber configurations are available in bend-insensitive designs as well.

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