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Next Generation of Fiber Optic Loose Tube Cable

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eABF Enterprise Blown Fiber Optic Cable
DSC04919 DSC04929 DSC04961 DSC04968 DSC04976 eABF Enterprise Blown Fiber Optic Cable IMG_1059 IMG_7920 IMG_7928 XFM Optical Cassette with 24-F eABF-SWR

eABF® Enterprise Air-Jetted fiber optic cable


  • Contains water-blocking components for additional fiber protection from accidental water exposure
  • Can be installed in eABF duct or third-party rated duct systems
  • Complete range of single-mode and multimode fibers to support 10G, 40G and 100G Ethernet architectures
  • Aramid-strengthened cable core for robust tensile load bearing capabilities
  • OD compatible with 6 mm ID Micro-ducts for higher density fiber pathway solutions
  • 96-Fiber count fits into 8.5 mm x 6 mm Micro-duct for up to 2,304 fibers per 24-way Dura-Line FuturePath Duct


  • Designed for Data Center Interconnect
  • Horizontal Distribution
  • Backbone Distribution
  • Low-cost fiber upgrade migration strategies

Product Description

eABF cables are designed by AFL to offer the most rugged and reliable enterprise-based blown fiber solution in the market today. The patent pending cable design combines a light-weight, high-drag jacketing system that allows the cable to be blown long distances. The cable series also features additional attributes that set this product above and beyond traditional blown fiber cables. These enhanced features include mechanical strengthening that permits the cable to comply with industry-standard premise interconnect specifications. In addition, the eABF cable series feature flame-resistance characteristics which result in stand-alone riser and plenum rated options suitable for routing outside of the micro-duct system. Because of these mechanical, environmental and optical qualifications, eABF cables can also be installed in third-party, flame-rated duct and pathway systems.

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