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eABF® Fiber Optic Cable

AFL's eABF cables are designed for high-performance air-jetted cable installations that use Dura-Line's Enterprise FuturePath® MicroDuct 8.5 mm/6 mm pathway systems. The cables use TIA and ISO compliant single-mode and multimode optical fibers with up to 72-fibers per cable. The optical fiber package can be ordered with individual fiber-bundle sets or AFL’s innovative SpiderWeb® Ribbon (SWR®) technology. The eABF cable meets Telcordia GR-409 Generic Requirements for Indoor Fiber Optic Cable – Interconnect Cable specifications, allowing it to be routed within equipment rack cable management spaces without needing additional furcation tube protection. AFL eABF cables come in NFPA/NEC Riser (OFNR) and Plenum (OFNP) versions.

AFL eABF cables and Dura-line Enterprise FuturePath MicroDuct solution has the largest and most comprehensive set of benefits of any Enterprise air-jetted cable system on the market.


AFL eABF Air-Blown Fiber Optic Cable with six up to 96 fibers in a custom cable package that allows long-distance jetting into micro-ducts with inside diameters as small as 6 mm.
The AFL eABF® SWR® (SpiderWeb Ribbon®) fiber optic cable combines the best of ribbon fiber mass-fusion functionality and single fiber-bundle packing density. Eliminating the need to sort and arrange individual fibers, SWR bundles allow for quick and efficient installation of round, high-fiber density geometry designs using MPO multi-fiber connectors or mass-fusion splicing.
AFL OSP MicroCore® cable series is designed for outside plant installation in microduct conduit systems.

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