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Loose Tube and Riser Rated Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube Cable Assemblies


  • Fiber counts from 6 to 144 fibers
  • Available with ST, SC, FC and LC connectors single-mode
  • Pigtail assemblies, standard configuration (nonstandard configurations available)
  • ST, SC, FC and LC connectors available in both single-mode and multimode
  • Pre-installed pulling eye kits available
  • 1 meter standard breakout length
  • 2.4 mm standard furcation for SC, FC and ST
  • 1.6 mm standard furcation for LC
  • UV resistant outer jacket
  • Gel-filled loose buffer tubes (RL) Gel-filled Loose Tube (LT)


  • Outdoor cabinets
  • External-building runs
  • Vaults
  • CEVs

Product Description

High-fiber count, loose tube and riser-rated indoor/outdoor loose tube cable assemblies provide a safe and proven method of utilizing preterminated connector technology for outside plant applications. These assemblies help control costs by eliminating labor-intensive field termination and providing the same factory terminated reliability the industry has trusted for many years. Cable assemblies are available in indoor/outdoor loose tube, suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. Each unit is manufactured to exceed all TIA and Telecordia requirements.

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