• AFL TRIDENT® Hardened Drop Cables


    • AFL TRIDENT Hardened Connectors for speedy customer connections
    • Factory terminated on 250 μm outdoor or 900 μm indoor/outdoor flat drop cable as well as 250 μm armored drop or 900 μm pushable/air-jettable MicroDrop
    • Aerial self-support capable


    • OSP Networks
    • FTTx Networks


AFL TRIDENT factory-terminated drop cables are the final piece of the AFL TITAN RTD® FTTx System. The quarter-turn latching and sealing mechanism of the AFL TRIDENT connector provides quick and easy “plug and play” connections to AFL TITAN RTD multiport terminals, enabling lighting fast service subscriber connections with outstanding long term reliability. The connector/adapter interface is keyed to ensure proper alignment of the 2.5 mm APC ferrule. Once the connector is keyed and inserted, locking and sealing is provided with a “BNC-like” quarter-turn of the connector coupling. Drops are available with one or both ends terminated (either both ends AFL TRIDENT or hybrid—one end AFL TRIDENT and one end standard SC). Drop cables are available in one, two, or four fibers (flat drop only).
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