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ASCEND® Outback Clip Management (OCM) Bracket


  • Accommodates up to 12 Outback Clips/Trunk Cables
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Includes rack tap screws


  • Data Centers
  • Central Offices
  • Headends
  • Structured Cabling Networks
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Product Description

ASCEND trunk cable assemblies provide a high performance plug-and-play solution and come equipped with an integrated mounting clip or "Outback Clip." This Outback Clip eliminates the need for additional cable clamps and securely positions the incoming cable while eliminating unwanted stress during installation.

Trunk cables with Outback Clips are typically mounted directly in the rear of ASCEND Housings; however for applications that require cable mounting on the rack itself, the ASCEND OCM Bracket is designed to efficiently accommodate up to 12 ASCEND trunk cable assemblies.

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