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LightLink LANSystem® 7RU Fiber Patch and Splice Panel


  • Fits comfortably into new and existing interconnect, cross-connect, customer premise, and co-location environments
  • Most common connector styles and types available
  • Compatible with industry standard equipment frames
  • LGX-compatible master plate (118 mm)
  • Modular design
  • Compact and versatile method of organizing splicing and connectivity


  • Telecommunication closets
  • Data centers
  • Customer premise
  • LAN / WAN networks
  • Central Offices / Headends
  • Hubs / Cabinets / Remote Terminals
  • FTTH / FTTB Networks

Product Description

The AFL 7RU Fiber Patch and Splice Panel is designed for use as a rack mount interconnect point where termination and connectivity of up to 144 fibers is desired.The two panel design is based on a 7 rack unit height comprised of a 4RU Termination Patch Panel and a 3RU Optical Splice Shelf.The 4RU Termination Patch Panel includes a master plate that is provisioned with 12 LGX® 118 compatible mounting positions.The 3RU Optical Splice Shelf utilizes three STF-48 telescoping splice drawers.

Standard 7RU Fiber Patch and Splice Panels are available empty for complete field configuration, half loaded with adapter plates and STF-48 telescoping splice trays, or loaded with pigtails, adapter plates and STF-48 telescoping splice trays.

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