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XFM-28 Front Open
XFM-28 Corner XFM-28 Front Open XFM-28 Front Striaght Open

Xpress Fiber Management® (XFM®-28) Dual Access Module Panel


  • Dual access via front and rear panel doors
  • Aluminum construction
  • Universal WECO/TIA 19"/23" rack compatibility
  • (28) LGX® 118 module mounting positions (14 front / 14 rear)
  • Cable management features include side cable ports and full pass-thru underneath the main bulkhead compartment to allow cable routing from front to back within the panel without eliminating any module positions


  • Fiber Connectivity - LGX 118 footprint modules

Product Description

AFL’s XFM-28 Dual Access Module Panel is designed to maximize module capacity via both front and rear access in just four rack units.

In applications where additional rack space is unavailable, the XFM-28 doubles the capacity of traditional 14 slot, front-access only 4RU panels, offering a total of 28 slots to accommodate modules (14 front / 14 rear). The panel is lightweight yet robust, with efficient cable management features for routing flexibility.

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