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XFM-HD_LC-Module XFM-HD-_MTP-Module

Xpress Fiber Management® High Density (XFM®-HD) Optical Cassettes


  • Self-contained fiber management
  • Low loss MPO connectors


  • Data Centers
  • Central Offices
  • Headends
  • Structured Cabling Networks
  • MDF / SAN Applications

Product Description

AFL’s XFM-HD Optical Cassettes are the building-blocks of the XFM-HD system. Optical Cassettes can be installed into all three XFM-HD panels from the front or rear and mount independently on an integral card guide rail system. This mounting system features a mechanical stop at the position where the connector / adapter mating point extends beyond the leading edge of the patch panel, preventing inadvertent removal of the module from the front side once installed. A self-contained fiber manager is incorporated into each cassette ensuring that the exiting cables are well-managed and organized, regardless of fiber exit direction. The fiber manager is reversible in the field to support both an Alpha and Beta module position, depending on the polarity management practice being employed.

Each cassette ships with a field-installable clip which links multiple cassettes together within a patch panel to form a shelf. This shelf slides inwards and outwards allowing access to each individual fiber connection while not disturbing any fiber connection in that shelf. These clips are field-removable at any time should the need arise to remove a module for service, to move a link, or to upgrade to a new fiber type.

XFM-HD Optical Cassettes are designed to function exclusively within the XFM-HD product line, and are compatible with all patch panels in the line.

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