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XFM-HD-1RU XFM-HD-2RU-Front-Open-Wired XFM-HD-4RU-Back-Open-Wired XFM-HD-Module-Open-Wired

Xpress Fiber Management® High-Density (XFM®-HD) Patch Panels


  • Self contained fiber management
  • Low loss MPO connectors
  • High Density: 1RU/144F, 2RU/288F and 4RU/576F
  • Uniboot LC assemblies with field-reversable polarity
  • Reduced O.D. Microcore® trunk cable assemblies with enhanced pulling eye option
  • Unsurpassed port density
  • Simplified front and rear port access by design


  • Data Centers
  • Central Offices
  • Headends
  • Structured Cabling Networks
  • MDF / SAN Applications
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Product Description

The XFM®-HD family of products is designed to offer intuitive fiber management and unmatched fiber port accessibility in both the front and rear of the panel to extreme density applications in an optical interconnect environment. Readily supporting the management of densities up to 576 fibers in a traditional 4 rack-unit (4RU) space, the XFM®-HD solution easily matches the highest port densities available in the market.

The completely modular solution features low-loss MPO style trunk cable assemblies, Optical Fan-out cassettes with integrated fiber management and Uniboot 2.0 mm LC jumper assemblies. This combination of products cohesively equates to efficient moves, adds and changes and more accurate cost budgeting as there are no other products or accessories required to complete or modify an installation.

A unique Uniboot LC connector allows for reversal of polarity in the field without requiring the use of any tools, easing assimilation into existing installations. Microcore® trunk cables offer operators a reduced cable diameter which eases congestion in busy raceways, and feature an innovative protective pulling eye solution designed to add efficiency and security to moving the trunks through densely-packed ducts and conduits.

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