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Xpress Fiber Management® High Density (XFM®-HD) Trunk Cable Assemblies


  • Self-contained fiber management
  • Low loss MPO connectors
  • Uniboot LC assemblies with field-reversible polarity
  • Reduced O.D. MicroCore Trunk cable assemblies with enhanced pulling eye option
  • Unsurpassed port density


  • Data Centers
  • Central Offices
  • Headends
  • Structured Cabling Networks
  • MDF / SAN Applications

Product Description

XFM-HD® trunk cable assemblies consist of sub-unitized MicroCore® fiber optic cable in fiber counts ranging from 12-144. This high performance cable is comprised of multiple 12-fiber sub-unit tubes, each containing twelve 250 μm colored fibers enclosed by a high performance PVC jacket. The reduced diameter offers the installer many advantages over traditional tight-buffered cable options – higher tolerance to bends during and after installation; requires less space in cable trays, raceways, ducts and conduits; and enables more efficient airflow in congested, high density cabling applications.

Trunk cables are available in a variety of configurations to align with customer needs. High-precision MT ferrules ensure that optical performance specifications are met without requiring components to be paired, offering customers the utmost in flexibility  when consuming inventory or ordering new product. No transition is required on MPO-terminated trunk cables due to cable design. An epoxy-filled, reduced OD transition piece is standard on trunk cables terminated with single-fiber connectors. MPO-terminated trunk cable ends have a single, predefined breakout length, regardless of fiber count, which functions in perfect harmony with any XFM-HD patch panel, eliminating guesswork and virtually guaranteeing a clean and well-organized installation.

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