LL-4808-R-L-Splice-Tray LL-580_plates ll-580-open LL-7644-Universal-Splice-Tray

LightLink LL-580 Optical Splicing and Distribution Enclosure


  • Tested to meet to Telcordia® GR-2898
  • NEMA 3 rated
  • Independent cable strain-relief for flat drop cable and 2 mm / 3 mm drops
  • Unique self-sealing grommet system
  • Self-contained inner chassis frame with separate outer housing
  • Dual telco can-wrench locking fasteners
  • Hinged cover securable with standard padlock
  • Internal, owner-accessible security screw
  • Included: (1) Factory Pre-installed LL4808-R Ribbon Splice Tray with (2) ribbon fan-outs and SCUPC 900 μm pigtails for up to 24 connections. LCUPC Duplex adapters may be installed for up to 48 LC connections
  • The SCUPC adapter chambers are fitted with covers to allow up to 4 customers access for quick connect and disconnect and are ready for padlock security.
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Product Description

The LightLink (LL) 580-AT Optical Splicing and Distribution Enclosure provides for organizing, splicing and interconnecting fibers in broadband, distribution and building entrance applications. The splice tray panel is equipped with LGX® 118 footprint snaps so various types of connectors may be installed. The enclosure features a scratch resistant powder coating base and a fully gasketed hinged cover. The cover was designed so that it may be installed on either side of the enclosure where there are space restrictions. The internal chassis and back-plate may be removed from the enclosure and brought to a splicing table to complete splicing, fiber routing and fiber management. The cable entry base has four interchangeable configurations to allow the installation of cable through a grommet system, or through pre-installed conduit couplings.

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