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economy fiber scope with plastic ring fiber Economy-Fiber-Scope

Economy Fiber Scope


  • Cost effective
  • Bio compatible components can be considered
  • Excellent visible-spectrum transmission over short distances


  • Cost sensitive fiber scopes applications
  • Modest image quality requirement
  • Small diameter fiber scopes
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Product Description

Plastic optical fibers are typically used as light guides in disposable applications, with excellent properties for transmission of the visible spectrum within a short distance. For the image guide of the economy fiber scope, we can use either Fujikura economy silica-based image fiber, or plastic image fiber. Fujikura uses a plastic ring fiber as the illumination guide.

Plastic ring illumination fiber (FPRC or FPRD)

Fujikura’s plastic ring fibers are specially processed plastic optical fibers that are formed over a lumen. Two different types are available, catering for different requirements, with the lumen located in either the center (concentric type) of off-center (eccentric type). Containing up to 500 plastic fiber cores, the plastic ring fibers are typically used for the purpose of illumination. And when coupled with Fujikura’s plastic image fibers, a cost effective solution for fiber scopes is recreated.

Plastic image fiber (FIGP)

Fujikura’s plastic image fibers (FIGP) are similar to Fujikura silica based image fibers, consisting of cores (picture elements) laid parallel within the same plastic coating, enabling it to directly send an image from one end to another end. With the fiber core and cladding composed of the same plastic materials, Fujikura’s plastic optical fibers and with options for with-jacket or without, we are able to provide a cost effective solution for customers needs.

Both the plastic image fiber and the plastic ring fiber are made out of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and fluorinated polymers are used for the fiber cladding.

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