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Fiber Scopes


  • Suitable for semi rigid applications
  • Ultra thin diameter types or economy fiberscope types can be made
  • A wide selection of image guide material and types
  • A wide selection of illumination fibers with various NA


  • Heat resistant fiberscope for boiler inspection
  • Radiation resistant fiberscope
  • Ultra thin fiberscope (<=diameter 1mm is also available)
  • Image Fiber with objective lens (SELFOC etc)
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Product Description

Consisting of a Fujikura image fiber having several thousands of picture elements, together with an objective lens, Fujikura fiberscope products exhibit excellent properties for the direct transmission of pictures. All fiberscopes are custom-made. Fiberscopes with illumination fibers or eyepiece or channel, or semi-assembled product is also available.

Standard Fiberscopes

  • Excellent properties for transmitting image. Various picture elements and length are available.

Ultrathin Fiberscopes

  • Extremely thin, the overall outer diameter of an imagefiber with 15,000picture elements is only 1mm in case. You can select the best fiberscope to meet your requirement among the three types.
  • (1) Flexible type (2) Rigid type (3) Semi-Rigid type

Heat/Radiation Resistant Fiberscope

  • Special fiberscope for usage under high temperature and intense radiation atmosphere.

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