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FIGH series (Ultra-thin diameter, good durability and flexibility)


  • Extra ultra thin diameter type is available
  • High temperature coating type is available
  • High pixel density


  • Medical endoscopes
  • Industrial fibre scopes & bore scopes
  • Spectroscopy
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Product Description

FIGH series N-type and G type

  • Fujikura produces a range of ultra-thin image fibers which provide excellent image quality with high resolution in very small outer diameters. Excellent color and contrast are provided without defects i.e. dark or broken fibers. These are ideal for minimally invasive medical endoscopy applications.
  • FIGH series is characterized by ultra-thin diameter and high pixel density; it also has high durability and flexibility. Minimal size, excellent optical characteristics and affordable pricing expand the uses of these fibers to many new applications; providing vision to previously inaccessible locations.
  • Number of picture elements from 6,000 to 100,000 pixels
  • Fiber diameter from 350 to 1500μm

FIGH series S-type

  • S-type is an extra fine diameter fiber type manufactured with a higher core density than the N type.
  • It is excellent in flexibility.
  • Number of picture elements from 1,600 to 30,000 pixels
  • Fiber diameter from 160 to 650μm

FIGH series PI-type

  • It is a fiber type that is coated with polyimide for high heat resistance.
  • It is possible to use in high temperature environments of up to 300°C
  • Number of picture elements from 6,000 to 40,000 pixels
  • Fiber diameter from 300 to 900μm


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