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CMOS image module picture CMOS module with IF board picture Fujikura CMOS module next to a quarter Oct 18 2011

Miniature CMOS imaging sensor module


  • 1.2mm diameter modular footprint
  • ~29,000 pixels resolution
  • Good light sensitivity
  • Highly flexible micro co-axial cables
  • Superb 56dB dynamic sensitivity
  • 3m long cables
  • Consumes less power compared to CCD cameras
  • High performance at low cost (cost efficient for single use applications)


  • Visualization enabling technology for minimally invasive procedures
  • Flexible endoscopes
  • Disposable endoscopes
  • Direct visualization enabled catheters

Product Description

CMOS or complimentary metal oxide semiconductor is an integrated circuit chip where most circuitry components including amplifiers, photo detectors and digitization circuits are all conveniently located on the same chip. Hence, allowing each pixel on the chip to convert the incoming light into voltage and finally into digital data. Integrating this technology with Fujikura's own capability in flexible printed circuits and micro co-axial cables, Fujikura has realized an image sensor module with a miniature 1.2mm diameter modular footprint.


Fujikura's CMOS image sensor module can be customized to match customer's requirements of optical characteristics (lens). Boasting a 170x170 pixels chip embedded in an impressively tiny 1.2mm diameter package footprint, Fujikura's CMOS image sensor module is a very cost efficient consideration for single use applications.

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