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LightGuard® Sealed Splice Closure Accessories


This kit allows for quick addition of drop cables in LighGuard 350 closures.
The grounding harness is used with the LG-150, LG-250, and LG-350.
Dual and quad express grommets are used as drop ports for the express cable while the express ports may be used to introduce small branch cables.
Dual express grommets are used on the express side of the LG-350XL closure for installing additional branches.
Used with the LG-150 and LG-250 Sealed Closures. Allows for quick addition of drop cables as required. Simply replace the drop port grommets with this grommet kit. Both closures will accept standard flat drop cable or round cable up to 0.250" in diameter.
AFL’s cable sealing grommet technology for the LightGuard® (LG) Sealed Fiber Optic Closures improves sealing technology utilizing MULTICENTRIC® Grommets that do away with time consuming tasks such as installing washers and messy sealing tapes for cable entry.
Single cable grommet kits are used to branch cable with drop cables (LG-350-AC) or as replacement grommets for the LG-350.
Table top closure stand to be used for the LG-150/250/350/350XL closures. Can be clamped or permanently fastened to a table top to hold the closure in place during installation or maintenance. The clamp pivots 180° to allow accessibility to both sides of the frame and all cable entry ports.
This cable bracket attaches to the outer grounding studs of the LG-150/LG-250 or LG-350 for installing OPGW.
These brackets are used to secure sealed closures to poles or walls in a vertical orientation.
AFL’s TFF compact series CWDM modules deliver reliable performance and flexibility in every network application – from cellular backhaul and metro Ethernet to access and security.
The universal aerial bracket and extended offset bracket are used for mounting sealed closures in aerial applications from messenger wire.
LightLink Access Solution (LLAS) terminal adapters provide the interconnect and/or demarcation of optical fibers for Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN), Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) and Fiber-to-the-Curb (FTTC) applications.
AFL’s LightLink fiber optic splice trays offers a variety of unique and flexible splice and storage possibilities.
The aerial strand mount hanger is used in conjunction with the LG-350XL.
This tool is designed to help efficiently open Wrapping Tube Cable in bothend prep and mid sheath entry. The blade angle and tool shape help prevent the blade from cutting too deep.