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70S Fusion Splicer
70S Fusion Splicer OTDR Accessory Kit M310 Quad OTDR

Oil and Gas Fiber Splicing and OTDR Test Kit


  • 70S – Automatic Wind Protector
  • 70S – 200 splices/shrinks on one charge
  • M310 – Industry leading Auto Event Analysis
  • M310 – 16 hour battery run time


  • Fiber Optic Network installation and verification
  • Troubleshoot network faults quickly (M310 OTDR)
  • Network restoration (70S Fusion Splicer)

Product Description

Oil and Gas Fiber Splicing and OTDR Test Kit

Installing and maintaining fiber optic networks in Oil & Gas infrastructures and other demanding environments requires technicians have robust equipment at hand.  AFL offers reliable field-tough equipment in one kit with one part number simplifying the procurement process.

Kit Contents

  • Fujikura 70S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer with CT30A Cleaver
  • M310 Quad OTDR
  • OTDR Accessory Kit with fiber rings, test cords, connector cleaners, and more
  • Rugged carry cases for safe transport of equipment in harsh outdoor environments

AFL Complete Kit Order Number: FTK1-02-0900PR

AFL only offers Fujikura Fusion Splicers and associated kits to North American customers.

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